Welcome to FullPy’s documentation!

FullPy is a high-level Python module for developping client-server web application. Here are the main features:

  • Both client and server are written in Python, and can share pieces of code. FullPy uses Brython for client-side execution of Python in the web browser.

  • Semantic-aware data persistance using OWL ontologies instead of a database. FullPy uses Owlready2 for managing ontologies and automatically storing them in a SQLite3 database.

  • Remote function calls between client and server, with object serialization. FullPy can use both Ajax (single way client->server calls) or WebSockets (client->server and server->client calls)

  • FullPy also provides many high-level services, such as authentication, translation support, HTML widget system, etc.

  • FullPy can run over multiple backend: Flask, Werkzeug and Gunicorn (only Gunicorn is supported for WebSockets).

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